Yogalosophy with Mandy Ingber DVD

NZ$29.00 NZ$24.00
Instructor's name: Mandy Ingber

Type of Workout: Yoga & Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 90 Minutes

Release Date: 2011

Region: 0 (Worldwide)


Introduction-Mandy Ingber (25 seconds)
Introduction-Jennifer Aniston (25 seconds)
Yogalosophy Express with cueing
Yogalosophy Express with music alone
Fully Loaded Challenge
Yogalosophy Express
Workout: 33 minutes
Cool-down: 2 minutes (meditation)
Total Workout Time: 35 minutes (toning)
Full Loaded Challenge
Warm-up: 8 minutes (sun-salutations)
Workout: 40 minutes (yoga poses & toning poses from Express workout)
Cool-down: 7 minutes (meditation & stretch)
Total Workout Time: 55 minutes
Sun Salutations section
Rock Block section
Balance Challenge section
Stretch section
Mandy on Breath
Mandy on Yogalosophy
Mandy on Vision Mat

Jennifer Aniston's trainer --Mandy Ingber created a unique practice that blends traditional yoga with toning. This is cutting edge yoga - the combination of resistance training and yoga making Yogalosophy an efficient to get in great shape. The perfect program for the both yoga enthusiasts looking to change up their practice as well as non-yogis looking for a more athletic, results-driven routine.

Introduction by Jennifer Aniston
Express workout (2 versions 30 mins)
Bonus audio features provides one routine with cuing and the same routine with music alone
Fully loaded challenge (55 mins)
Great soundtrack

Extras (25 mins)
Reviews parts of the Fully loaded program with breakout segments so that you can work on a move you may not have quite mastered during the routine .

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