Yoga for Belly Butt and Thighs with Chrissy Carter

Instructor's name: Chrissy Carter

Type of Workout: Yoga

Fitness Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 85 Minutes

Release Date: 2014

Region: Multiregion

Belly - 24 Minutes
Butt - 25 Minutes
Thighs - 21 Minutes
Complete Core - 15 Minutes

Target the Trouble Zones!
Award-winning yoga instructor Chrissy Carter guides you through three 20-minute practices designed to burn fat and sculpt trouble zones. The bonus Complete Core workout targets the abdominals and the lower back, enhancing flexibility and improving balance.

DVD Includes:
Belly (20 minutes):Burn belly fat and sculpt a leaner and stronger midsection. This practice takes you through a series of plank poses that will help you stand taller, look leaner and feel more balanced.

Butt (20 minutes):Lift, strengthen and sculpt the glutes with poses and micro-movements specifically designed to work all areas of the backside.

Thighs (20 minutes):This thigh-sculpting routine will lengthen, strengthen and tone the thighs and lower legs. Chrissy takes you through several lunge sequences, leading to serious calorie burn.

Bonus Practice: Complete Core (15 minutes):Rev up the metabolism and strengthen the abdominals, delivering full-body results with this bonus core-toning practice.

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