Yo Fi Wellness Yoga for a Better Back with Mitchel Bleier

Instructor's name: Mitchel Bleier

Type of Workout: Yoga

Fitness Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 45 Minutes
Warm-up: 5.5 minutes (Breathing & Stretching)
Workout: 35 minutes (yoga)
Cool-down: 7 minutes (savasana)
Total Workout Time: 47.5 minutes

Release Date: 2012

Region: 0 (Worldwide) This is a DVD-R

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This therapeutic class teaches you how to open your back to release tension and relieve pain as you deepen your awareness of both your body and your mind. Mitchel guides you carefully through each pose, offering modifications and helping you improve the health of your back while challenging you to become more aware of yourself and your choices.

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