Weekly Programmable Timer Switch for Lights Application

NZ$120.00 NZ$63.75


  Panel Mounted. 
  Adcanced pre-setting one week before. 
  Digital electronic timer switch with daily programs. 
  Repeat programs with 17 on/off setting and manual over-ride. 
  Lithium battery power reserve when electric supply cut off. 
  Auto timer error correction ±30sec, weekly. 

Hysteresis:2 sec/day(25℃) 
ON/OFF operation:17 ON/OFF 
Power consuption:7.5VA (MAX) 
Minimum interval:1 minute 
Switching contact:1 changeover switch 
Power reserve:5 years (Lithium battery) 
Amblent temperature:-10~+40℃ 
Amblenr humidity:35~85%RH 

Package Include: 

1 x Digital Timer Programmable Control  (inner battery included)

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