Wall Decoration Tools High Quality

NZ$100.00 NZ$53.13


  • 100% brand new
  • Perfect tool for decorating house   
  • Easy to use   
  • Made from rubber, show vivid graining effects   
  • Wood grain designs decorating tool   
  • Size: approx. 15*6.5cm(large),  /7.5*6.5cm (small)   
  • Material: Rubber   
  • Color: Red   

1.Apply first color, let dry    
2.Apply second color    
3.While still wet, slide along wood graining tools, creat the effect    

Package Included:
2pcs x Wood Graining Rubber (Large & Small)    

Note: Please note that there might be some peculiar smell due to machine cutting, please placing it in an airy place to eliminate the smell.    


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