Vacuum Compression Pump and Bags

NZ$60.00 NZ$29.94

These Vacuum Compression Device and Bags can be used to save space in the kitchen, dorms, and offices, compressing items to a minimumFoods preserved by vacuum compression can reduce food and air contact and reduce the growth of bacteria, thus keeping food fresh.

  • The kit is equipped with 5 vacuum bags, meaning you will have more storage space.
  • The vacuum storage bag is fitted with a sealed zipper that allows the user to easily seal the item.
  • The vacuum compressor also removes the air from the bottle to prevent the unsalted wine from spoiling.
  • They are made of a strong polyethylene material that makes them almost tear-resistant and water-repellent, ensuring the safety of the item.
  • Color: Green.
  • Material: Plastic.
Package Include: 
  • 1 Pcs Vacuum Bag
  • 1 x Vacuum Compression Device

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