USB Tester Current 4-30V Voltage Meter

NZ$158.74 NZ$72.76

Product name: MX18 USB meter color screen

Product parameter

1. Resistance: 0-999.99Ω
2. Power: 0-150W
3. Voltage and current: DC4-30V; 0-5A
4. Time, delay: 0-99 hours; 0-24 hours
5. Voltage overcurrent protection range: 30V / 5A
6. Monitoring content: USB voltage, current, power, power, timing and other data
7. Electricity: 0-999.9WH
8. mAh: 0-999999mWh
Instructions for use
1 Click the button to view 1-9 sets of charging data.
2Long press the button for 3 seconds to delete a set of charging data
3 Double-click the button to rotate the screen to view
Product packaging

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