Universal Wire Pliers Cable Stripper

NZ$38.56 NZ$20.49

1.Flat wire stripper,pull out type for: 
2.Stranded phone wire 2P,4P,6P,8P,10P,etc. 
3.Intercom/alarm wire/2-cond,speaker wire 18-22AWG and SPT-1 electic wire. 
4.Round-cable stripper w/guides,by rotating 1 to 3 times at counter-clock wise for: 
5.Round cable-tough platic insulations 12-14-16 awg cable,SPT-2 elecric wire. 
6.Assorted solid modular wire:UTP,STP,DATA communication wire and network cable. 
7.Multi-conductor cable:Insulation O.D. 
8.Automative/heavy-duty wire MAX 8 AWG. 
9.Adjusting bolt control for fixed size avaliable for matching different cable sizes. 
Sharp SK-2 Blade for cutter and stripper can be replacable. 

Type:Wire Stripper Pliers 
Package Include: 
1 x Wire Stripper Pliers 

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