Tyre Pressure Gauge

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Product Code:Tyre Pressure Gauge

This auction is for one Portable Yellow Tyre Pressure Gauge.

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Incorrect tyre pressure can have a detrimental effect on vehicle handling and cause uneven or premature tyre wear, which results in early (and expensive) tyre replacement.

This simple device makes it easy to keep track of tyre pressure and avoid pressure related problems.

The reading is displayed on the unit's built-in LCD screen.

Includes an integrated torch for night measurements.

Displays in bar, PSI, or kPa.


  • Condition:Brand new
  • Measuring Range:5-100 PSI,0.35-7BAR, 34-689kPa
  • Accuracy:±1%
  • 1KG/CM2=14.2PSI 1KG/CM2=0.98BAR 1KG/CM2=98.0KPA

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Tyre Pressure Gauge

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