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Outdoor tools portable gadgets Stainless steel multifunctional bicycle repair tools use screwdrive

Product Description

Weight: 27g

Material: Stainless steel

Function: a tool that uses the smallest size to shape more practical functions. This is also a EDC environmental tool. It is easy to carry, durable metal material, and a wide variety of practical screw heads [from 3MM-10MM six corners screw head, 1/4 general sleeve, bottle opener, single car steel ring tighten regulator, one word cross, T10 plum flower head). I'm talking about one of the T10 plum blossoms here [for the size M48, the SOG axe, and the BANCHMADA141, and so on that the annoying T10 is fixed, using the T10 plum blossom head, unless you have been letting the axe screw loose until the T10 is fixed. The functional operation of a bottle opener may be a bit astringent and more familiar. After all, it is only a tool between two thumbs, with limited leverage. And the band of your little finger instantly "octopus" became the first attack of self-defense.

In addition to the "configuration; octopus" body, gave independent screwdriver head and a 304 25mm diameter stainless steel key ring

Hint: 1, stainless steel will rust if it is used in a humid or warm environment. Please keep dry and regularly wipe rust preventive oil. 2, because the casting process is later roll polishing, some surfaces may be uneven.


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