The Firm Super Body Sculpt Exercise DVD

Instructor's name: Stephanie Corley (Huckabee)

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Fanny Lifter & Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 45 Minutes

Release Date: 2002

Region: 1 (USA & Canada)

If you have trouble finding a "workout that does it all", Super Body Sculpt is the workout for you! To compress time, this 3 in 1 workout can be performed all together for a total body-shaping workout in only 40 minutes! Or, when you're really short on time, alternate the 15 minute upper and lower body segments for series results.

Firm master instructor Stephanie Carley delivers this intense workout, which will reshape your entire body by building beautiful muscle tone. You will also boost your metabolism and turn your body into a calorie burning machine

A bonus 10 minute abdominal workout will help you to tone and tighten your entire abdominal area for flatter, sexier abs.

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