The Firm Split - Cardio Split DVD

NZ$32.95 NZ$28.95
Instructor's name: Jennifer Carman, Dale Brabham, Carissa Foster, Allie Strickland, Nancy Tucker

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (High Impact, Total Body Toning)

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: Weighted Ball, Dumbbells, Barbell, High Step

Total Running Time: 51 Minutes

Release Date: 1999 on VHS (2014 on DVD)

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

The Firm Cardio Split combines aerobics and weight training to deliver 3 times the fat loss of aerobics alone. Called Interval Training, this workout produces an "up-down-up-down: heart-rate pattern, proven to deliver far more fat loss than steady state aerobics (with constant heart rate).
Cardio Split has two parts - Lower Body with cardio and Upper Body with Cardio. Perform the parts back to back for 51 minute total body workout, or perform half the workout each day alternating workouts

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