The Firm Cross Trainers Super Cardio DVD

NZ$38.00 NZ$29.95
Instructor's name: Allie Strickland, Carissa Foster, Jennifer Carman, Dale Brabham

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (High Impact, Total Body Toning)

Fitness Level: Intermediate-advanced

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights, Fanny Lifter, Medicine Ball

Total Running Time: 65 Minutes


Warm-up: 4 minutes
Workout: 49 minutes (cardio-toning intervals)
Cool-down: 1.5 minute (stretch)
Workout: 2.5 minutes (toning)
Cool-down: 3 minutes (toning)
Total Workout Time: 60 minutes


Release Date: 1999 on VHS (2013 on DVD)

Region: 0 (Worldwide)


Full Workout
Warm-Up Stretch
Cardio with Allie
Cardio with Carissa
Cardio with Dale
Cardio with Dale
Cardio with Jennifer





Super Cardio features the Firm's unique boredom-busting wide variety of exercises, tightly synchronized to an inventive mix of hot tunes.
Begin with a hot warm up and a cool stretch. Enjoy 51 minutes of pure, heart-thumping, blood-pumping cardio using the weighted ball, light dumbbells and the short step. Exercises include low-impact, 4 limbed aerobics, fun weighted-ball drills and step aerobics.

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