T2 Fishing Tool Lanyard 2m Max Stretch , 5 Color

NZ$115.65 NZ$29.96


Product Description


We insist on making fishing easy.


[Heavy Duty Lanyard] Made of steel wires covered with PVC which can be recovered 100% as it is,when you stretch the Booms Fishing coiled lanyard to its full extent,but the other normal one without steel wire can’t be recovered.


[Strong Ends] There is a lobster clip on each end strong enough withstand heavy duty, so that the ends are not easy to release by accident.


[Destructive Testing] After test every lanyard, get the result that the average maximum tension over 45lbs.


[Multiple-use] This lanyard is widely used in outdoors, not only fishing, but also camping, hiking and hunting,you can abandon tradition lanyard an rope.


[Lifetime Guarantee] For such high-quality products,Booms Fishing promises for 100% satisfaction to our every customer and hassle-free money back for non-artificial damage.

Get Your Tools Handy

Booms Fishing T2 provides a convenience for every fishermen to use their tools easily, free their hands by attaching it to your equipment.

Save Your Money
This coil lanyard are for the protection of expensive fishing gears like rod set, pliers, etc.

Not Only for Fishing Gear
T2 is also a common gadget for home using, diving sports, Go Pro, attach to easy-losing stuff, a must have gadge.

For rod, pliers, diving camera, anything attachable.


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