Summer Armpit Pads (100Pcs)

NZ$160.00 NZ$39.90

Stop the insecurities and let our disposable shields allow you to wear what makes you happy.

Summer Armpit Pads is highly absorbent that will be applied for absorbing sweat and stopping wet. The sweat pads are absolutely made of FDA proved non-woven fabric (top layer) and air laid paper (back layer). Easy to stick and peel off, no pins or straps needed. 

Because of sweating of the underarm, it results in a yellowish stain on your clothes, Summer Armpit Pads is a perfect solution, for light to moderate sweating of the underarms.

Stay Dry & Comfortable!

For Your Family:
  • Excessive sweating also known as Hyperhidrosis can affect entire families.
  • Excessive sweating is stressful and we know you have tried everything to manage it.
  • Lightweight and portable, nearly invisible
  • Maintain your favorite clothes underarm area stain-free
  • Keep you stay cool and dry
  • Great product for outdoor use and traveling
  • Suitable for most skin types, fit for both men, women, and children use
  • Keep your clothes underarm area stain-free, disposable, no washing necessary
How to Use: 


Package Includes:
  • 100pc Summer Armpit Pads

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