Steel Knife Sharpener with suction pad Scissors Grinder

NZ$53.76 NZ$27.29

1.New Sharp Kitchen Safety Secure Knife Sharpener Suction Chef Pad
2.It is widely Suitable for sharpening kitchen knives,fruit knife,
scissors,bread knives,chef knife,Ideal for use around the home and work shop
3.Efficient and sharp sharpening effect
4.The thoughtful design of non-slip sucker is not easy to cut
5.Back and forth 2-3 times a blunt instrument immediately sharp
The quality and quantity of new material plastic accessories non-toxic and odorless.
6.The first to find a clean surface can smoke sucker
Placed desktop sucker do not have air and then firmly press the handle



Packing Content:
1 x Knife sharpener Suction Pad


Note: There are some of the blade is painted black paint, as long as the correct use, will not affect the function.


   1, first find a clean plane can suck sucker.
   2, on the table suction cups do not have air and then press the handle hard.
   3, back and forth to draw a few can easily have a sharp knife.

   1, sucker must not have the air or into the air is not strong, then it is easy to cut.
   2, the use of attention to protect the tungsten steel to prevent falling from high altitude.
   3,  Keep out of Children.


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