Spinning Spin Circuit DVD With Dolorez Munoz

NZ$45.00 NZ$40.00
Instructor's name: Dolorez Munoz

Type of Workout: Aerobics

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: Stationary Bike

Total Running Time: 57 Minutes

Release Date: 2008

Region: 0 (Worldwide)



SPIN Circuit is a 40-minute workout, led by Dolorez Munoz, that lets you relax your mind and enjoy the trip, while building strength and energy. Beginners can take it at their own level, but the important thing is to stay with it - and finish the ride! With the expert coaching that has made the Spinning program a staple, Dolorez motivates you to a leaner, tighter, stronger body. Plus, the mellow music of the warm-up gives way to pumping tunes that'll lift you off your seat. Let's ride!
  • Included Chapters: Set-up and Safety, and Spinner Bike assembly.
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