Spiky Ball - massage stress relief trigger po

NZ$35.00 NZ$25.00

Package Includes

1 x Spiky Massage Ball

1 x Air Pump


Spiky Massage Ball


The Best Massage Spiky Ball for deep tissue massage, stress relief, and sport massage


Highly recommended By Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and sport coaches for stretching and massage.


A new inexpensive product designed to massage and improve circulation in the body, particularly in the hands and feet. This spiky ball is made from a specially formulated rubber material that it is hard enough to give the pressure on the muscle to stimulate the trigger point.


• Perfect texture for self massage

• Foot & Hand Massage

• Upper Trapezius, Chest

• Upper limb and lower limb

• Thoracic and Lumbar

• Glute and Hip


Massage Ball offers a simple and pleasant method of self massage that can be done anytime – at work or home. It is an excellent means of reducing tension, relieving aching feet (from standing for long periods, walking, running) and improving circulation.

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