Soldering Desoldering Solder Wire Wick Braid Flux Remover

NZ$20.16 NZ$10.71


1.100% Brand new and high quality.
2.Coated with ultra high purity water white rosin flux.
3.Excellent thermal transfer for faster, safer desoldering using lower temperature irons
4.To use: Place the solder wick over the area to be desoldered, apply your hot soldering iron and the solder will be soaked up into the braid, repeat with a fresh area of braid until the joint is free from excess solder.
5.Please note that the length of the wick is 75cm, not 1.5m as printed on the item.

Length :5 foot (1.5m)
Width  :2 mm
Material: Copper

Package Included:
1 x Desoldering Wick


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