Solar Lights Separated Motion Sensor

NZ$196.42 NZ$76.26

2 sensors: Light sensor and and sensitive Motion sensor, save energy
Solar Powered, easy for installation
Auto identify day or night
Switch inside for saving power during shipment
Great useful lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, driveway etc...
Charge by free sunlight and light in dark when people near around 10ft close
Green power, Green lighting
UV protect ABS body, never fade 
Specifications(28 LEDs Separable)
Emitted Color: White (6000K-6500K)
Solar panel:0.55W, 17% efficiency
Li-ion battery:2200MAH
LED Type:2835 SMD
Lumens: 600LM
Delay time:20s
Night Sensor:<10Lux
Switch: OFF/AUTO
Waterproof: IP65
LED Span Life: 50,000 hrs
Solar Charging Time: 8 hrs
Lighting 3 Modes: OFF/DIM light / High Light
DIM: weak lighting for saving power, High Light: motion activate for lighting
Protect Function: over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit
Li-ion Battery Span Life: 500 circles

Specifications(20 LEDs Non Separable):
*Solar panel: 0.65W, 17% efficiency
*Li-ion battery: 1200mAh
*LED Type:2835 SMD
*Lumens: 160LM
*Delay time:10s
*Night Sensor:<10Lux
*Switch: OFF/AUTO
*Waterproof: IP65
*LED Span Life: 50,000 hrs
*Solar Charging Time: 8 hrs
*Lighting 2 Mode: OFF/High Light
*Protect Function: over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit
*Li-ion Battery Span Life: 500 circles

Operation Instructions:
- Unlock and activate the device: Use click the on/off socket to unlock the battery and light.
- Install the device: Use the supplied expansion pillar-hinge and screws to install the light to where you want.
- Charging Via solar panel: Install the panel south facing in order to make sure there is enough sunlight. 



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