Smart Pencil Live Test / Phase

NZ$233.11 NZ$106.84

Product parameter


1. AC voltage test range: 12v~1000V (manual mode) 48V~1000V (automatic mode)

2. Material: ABS

3. Battery: 9V * 1

4. Product size: 174*57*35mm

Product description:

1. Non-contact pen-shaped design, easy to operate and carry.

2. Dual mode operation (manual sensitivity adjustment and automatic)

3. The sensitivity of the product can be adjusted freely according to the actual use scene.

4. With induction dangerous voltage alarm, live/neutral line distinction, live break point positioning, continuity check, flashlight function, etc.

5. The product has a self-check function at startup. It can effectively detect whether the product can work normally and avoid misjudgment. safer!

6. 8 LED indicators with 3 colors (red/yellow/green): automatic identification of high/medium/low voltage.

7. Alarm mode: sound and light (red/yellow/green).

8. LED spotlight, low battery voltage reminder, automatic shutdown function.

9. Security level: CAT II 1000V.

10. Comply with international safety standards.

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