Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold

NZ$34.00 NZ$16.90

Shots imply that things are going to get a little rowdy. The Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold ensures a night that everyone will forget.

Get the party going - If the party is 'poppin’, the Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold can make as many glasses as necessary. Make your own edible shot glass of ice, chocolate candy melt, gelatin, cookie dough, crisped rice cereal treats and more!

  • Easy to clean and use - The morning after your shot party will only be a headache if you’re hungover. There are no dirty dishes when nature disposes of them for you. Added bonus – It is okay if they are dropped on the floor. It is a scientific fact that drunk people break stuff. 
  • Good for multiple shots - Each shot glass holds one ounce of liquid and can be used more once. The number of times a glass can be reused depends on the turnaround time and the temperature of the air and the liquid. This is common sense, but after multiple shots, things may not be so simple anymore.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold

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