Shinetrip Aluminium alloy bottle Outdoor portable sealed barn

NZ$59.88 NZ$22.46


Aluminium alloy bottle Outdoor portable sealed barn Small medecine box Spoon buckle bottle Small Waterproof storehouse

Product Description

Name: small bottle of aluminum alloy sealed bin

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: red, black, silver, blue, orange, green


You can put a pill or a match, can also be used as ornaments key functions and very convenient to carry, suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, field exploration, rescue and other outdoor activities or household.

The sealed cabin with Aluminum Alloy materials, product surface anodic oxidation treatment, water proof, unscrew the cover, the sealing ring can be waterproof, cartridge inside is very clean, can be installed or used first-aid pills, pills, small flint, hook and line survival equipment, there is a hanging ring, convenient use.

In addition, personal information can be placed in it (name, critical time, contact, telephone, and past drug allergy history), hanging on children or elderly without self-help ability, so as to facilitate contact with relatives when lost.


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