Shape Pink Power Flat Abs 5 Ways DVD - Jessica Smith

NZ$28.00 NZ$25.00
Instructor's name: Jessica Smith

Type of Workout: Toning (one section has cardio)

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights for one section

Total Running Time: 50 Minutes
Includes a brief warm-up and cool-down per session
Ab Rehab: 10.5 minutes (toning)
Pilates for a Tighter Tummy: 10 minutes (toning)
Core Make-over: 10.5 (toning)
Fat-Free Cardio Ab Blast: 11 minutes (cardio)
Turbo-Charged Belly Toning: 11 minutes (toning)
Total Workout Time: 53 minutes

Release Date: 2011

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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Ab Rehab
Pilates for a Tighter Tummy
Core Make-over
Fat-Free Cardio Ab Blast
Turbo-Charged Belly Toning
Customize Your Workout

Flat Abs 5 Ways features 5 different routines that focus on getting you flat abs and a stronger midsection. Jessica Smith will lead you through concentrated, high-intensity exercises that are guaranteed to leave you with flat abs and a toned core.

Ab Rehab - This circuit-style routine moves quickly through two sets of dynamic ab-flattening exercises
Pilates for a Tighter Tummy - Jessica leads you through several Pilates and dance inspired moves that are designed to create a toned and tight midsection

Core Makeover - Create a stronger, sleeker torso by working your core muscles from every direction

Fat Free Cardio Ab Blast - This fast-paced workout will not only sculpt your abs, it will burn serious calories to melt fat all over your body.

Turbo Charged Belly Toning - Turn up the burn! Add resistance to your ab workout to take it to the next level and tone your belly faster

Also includes bonus downloadable workout - waist whittling routine.

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