Scouring Pad Brush Nylon Abrasive Brush

NZ$49.12 NZ$33.04

1.Precision polishing effect for metal with high efficiency and reasonable price. 
2.Widely used in polishing and grinding the micro electronic devices and other objects. 
3.Use for metal and nonmetal materials, perfect grinding effect and long using life. 
4.Basically replace with handle small abrasive grinding wheel and no dust pollution. 
5.Convenient to grind, simple to use, safe and reliable. 
6.Widely used in metal, wood and jewelry surface polishing, derusting, grinding, sanding, deburring and stripping residue.


Type:Scouring Pad Abrasive Wheel

shape: T type

Color: Red/Green/Yellow/Black 

Shank Diameter: 3mm 
Brush Diameter: 20mm 
Whole Length:45mm

Material: Fibre

Quantity: 10pcs

Package Include:
 10x  Scouring Pad Abrasive Wheel

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