S1 Fishing Line Scissors Super Sharp Blade

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Product Description


We insist on making fishing easy.


[Line Cutters] both of them made of high quality stainless steel, 13.5cm one make a great job in cutting mono and fluorocarbon line, 9.5cm one using for cutting braided line smoothly with no frays,even tip can cut PE line with tension.

[Good for Cutting] 5.3inch one make of high quality stainless steel,one-side-serrated edge design for cutting mono and fluorocarbon line easily.also great for cutting braid?line with no frays.

[Lure Trimming] With long and sharp nose, 13.5cm one make great in trimming lure and skirts, cutting knots. You needn't find other scissors.two different size hole make cutting more stable.

[For Narrow Cut] 9.5cm one with 2cm blade which can cleanly cut PE line with no frays, suitable for narrow place while one scissors can't. Rope connected that can avoid losing your favorite scissors while fishing.

[Compact But Strong] Couple of them are 48g , The bigger one 13.5cm and the small one 9.5cm, very light for fishing

Product description

Booms Fishing focuses on fishing tools and accessories, come and join us with other 35000 buyers !

    Maximize Trimming Function 
Combo(Small black scissors) which design to make it has a very good fit, can easily cut fishing line at any position of blade,
even the line is wet.Professional cuts through braid line with ease.According to our test, it can cut the 0.37mm diameter
fishing line(60lb) and leaveno frays.

    Inexpensive High-Quality
A Scissors that can last for a very long time, cuts through that tough braided line like butter. Inexpensive, comfortable to
hold and use, you can buy a few more sets to keep in different vehicles, garage and probably your tool box.

    The Most Portable Ever 
Foldable and portable braided line scissors is very compact, easy to put in your toolbox or pocket.Not only for fishing,
but also good for cut anything you want.

With a good quality and Booms Fishing¡¯s Lifetime Guarantee, just get some of them to your bags.

    Basic Parameters
Material: Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic
Dimension: 5*2.6*0.6*1.3 inches/4*2.5*0.3*1.2 inches/4.1*2.35*1.4inches
Weight: 0.068Lb/0.058Lb/0.04Lb

Booms Fishing S1 Fishing Line Scissors 001fishing line cuttersblunt t ip suitable for your pocket or tackle box.never worry about it will take up your tackle box.

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