Round Sandpaper Disk 30pcs/set

NZ$123.36 NZ$65.54

Feature :

1. with the exception of paint, in addition to grinding burrs, solder joint.

2. Suit for industry of metallic and non-metallic materials of various complex surface rust,

1. Type:Flocking Sandpaper
2. Dameter:125mm(5")

3. Grits: 80/100/120/180/240/320
4. Mainly applicable to beads, wooden bead polishing. Burnish walls, furniture, cars, boats

Package include:
5pcs 80Grit sanding discs
5pcs 100Grit sanding discs
5pcs 120Grit sanding discs
5pcs 180Grit sanding discs
5pcs 240Grit sanding discs

5pcs 320Grit sanding discs

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