Repair Part DeburRed Tool 10pcs

NZ$116.32 NZ$61.80


1. The tools with sharp cutting edge cutting, processing and high surface smoothness.

2. Deburring knife, manual operation, easy to use and flexible. Tool is small, can carry,

3. You can replace the blade with a simple button. Blades installed on the handle can rotate 360 degrees!


Item Describe:

1. Materials: M2 HSS&Plastic

2. Angle:40 degrees , Hardness: 63 rc

3. Leaf blade size: 47 mm * 3.2 mm

4. Burrs treatment size: 125 mm * 22 mm

5. Suitable for: PVC, hard plastic and iron.


Processing position:

Round hole edge, straight edge, the edge of the bending. Not suitable for outside edge, fla


Package include:

10 pcs/set *  BS1010 S10

1pc * Deburring Tool



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