Power Tools 10pcs/set Woodworking Rasp Chisel

NZ$157.44 NZ$83.64

Item Describe:

1.  100% New Brand and High Quality

2. Cross-sectional shape: triangle

3.  Material: alloy

4. Size: 60mm x 10mm

5. File tooth thickness: Coarse teeth

6.  Color: Black

7. Applicable to wood, plastic and other soft materials, carving, carved, chamfering, hollow, slotted, reaming and so on.

8. 45 steel to create, the surface black treatment, more sharp, more durable, can handle wood, iron-free metal, plastic and rubber.

 note: This wood rotatable file is only suitable for soft materials such as softwood, can not be used for hardwood and other sculpture, grinding

Package include:10pcs/set * Rotary Files

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