Pilates for Runners - Laura Tarbell

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Instructor's name: Laura Tarbell

Type of Workout: Pilates

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
Warm-up: 8.5 minutes (pilates)
Workout: 46.5 minutes (toning-pilates)
Cool-down: 1 minute (stretch)
Total Workout Time: 56 minutes

Release Date: 2012

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

Introduction & Principles of Pilates
Start Workout
Chapter Selection
Warm Up
Essential Ab/Core Work
Running Form & Leg Work
Intermediate Core Work & Stretching
Balance & Cool Down
This intermediate-level program increases running efficiency by creating a stronger and more flexible body, by developing balance, and by producing ideal body alignment. These improvements allow you to use energy more efficiently, achieve faster finishes, reduce injury, and experience greater endurance. Laura guides you through an hour of dynamic sequences which address imbalances in the runner’s body. Master running –specific Pilates exercises while strengthening the diaphragm, developing stable core muscles, and perfecting running posture and form.

Laura Tarbell is the most sought after Pilates instructor in upstate New York. Trained and certified by Stott Pilates, she currently owns Tarbell Pilates in Hogansburg, NY. Laura is the creator of Plyo-Pilates, a unique combination of Plyometrics and Pilates. She is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant certified through the American Fitness Professionals Association.

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