Pedometer NZ

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Paces are detected via the movement of the waist. So for accurate reading, mount the unit closer to the center of the body

Step count:
Count your walking/jogging steps, no matter indoor or outdoor.
Note: To avoid counting sudden movements as steps, the pedometer does not display the step for the first 4 steps(or less). If you continue walking for more than 4 steps, the display will show the first 5 steps walked and continue to count.

Distance Measurements:
Setting your stride length(see instruction), measuring the distance from start to end.

Calorie Burnt Calculation:
Inputting your body weight(press RESET button to adjust weight digits), it will start counting once motion is detected.

Metric and Imperial:
AOCE01(Red one): Press and hold the MODE button until the display blinks and digits revert back to zero

AOCE03(Blue one):
1. press mode button till it shows "steps" on the lower left. This is STEP mode.
2. Long press set button and you will see digits blink. The Screen is showing time-setting. If keep pressing set button to STEP mode, you can press reset button to convert metric and imperial.

Note: If you want to finish setting for AOCE03(Blue one), please go to STEP mode first and long press set button, then you can set every parameters one by one.

Power Saving:
Auto shut off if no motion is detected for 1 minute.

The Blue one(AOCE-03) has a clock function, the Red one(AOCE-01) does not have.

Step count
Distance and calorie measurements
Extra LCD display
Belt clip
Brand New, 100% Customer Satisfaction

Power Source: DC1.5V (1pcs * AG-13)
Dimensions: 50 * 30 * 61mm
Material: ABS

Package includes:
1 * Multi Function Pedometer

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