Paracord Bracelet Lacing Weaving Stiching Needle

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2 pieces 3" Jumbo Stainless Steel 550 Paracord Bracelet Lacing Weaving Stiching Needle Fid BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL

Product Description


This is aluminum, round-end paracord lacing and stitching needle. Also known as a "fid". This is a great tool for creating your paracord projects. The smooth, round-end prevents the needle from snagging as you weave your paracord project. The back end of the paracord lacing needle is hollow and threaded to securely hold the paracord. 



Outer Diameter: 5mm

Inner Diameter:3mm

Length: 7.5 cm/3”

Material: Stainless Steel


How to use? 

To attach the lacing needle to 550 paracord, simply cut the paracord at a 45 degree angle or cut it into an arrow point. Then melt the end and roll it to form an elongated point. Press this point into the back end of the needle and twist the lacing needle clockwise. The internal threads of the lacing needle will bite into the paracord and hold it in place.

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