Oscilloscope Probe

NZ$290.00 NZ$145.00

P4100 Oscilloscope Probe 100X High Voltage 2KV Oscilloscope Clip Probe 100MHz Bandwidth BNC Connector P4100 Probe


  • Ergonomic design make it more comfortable to use.
  • Integral injection molding, flexible to use, can fit more testing occasion.
  • High voltage, the maximum input voltage can be up to 2kV.
  • Come with marking circles in different colors help to identify different channels.
  • There is a adjustment tool that can adjust compensation capacitance to match oscilloscope.

Model: P4100
Attenuation: 100X
Input Resistance: 100M& ;
Input Capacitance: 6pF(100X)
Compensation Range: 10pF~35pF
System Bandwidth:DC-100MHz(100X)
Input Voltage: <2KVDC+AC Vp-p(100X)

Connector Type: BNC
Operating Temperature: -15°C~+75°C
Humidity: ≤85%(RH)

Package Includes:

1 x Probe

2 x

8 x Colored Circles

1 x Adjustment Tool

1 x Spring

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