Outdoors Household Centigrade Analog Thermometer

NZ$156.32 NZ$83.05


  • You can easily stick to the doors and windows of households outside, accurate measurement of outdoor temperature changes.
  • The doors and windows for pointer type meter precision thermometer, bimetal internal for high sensitivity from the induction temperature.
  • The product without any battery, can prevent the rain, the product function is not affected by the adverse environment.


  • Item name: thermometer for outdoor door and window
  • Product Description: the product adopts 3MM thick Transparent acrylic plate as a thermometer dial, table core coated with stainless steel shell
  • 3M strong double-sided adhesive products with anti rain function, can quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the outdoor.
  • Product parameter: Dial diameter: about 11CM
  • Temperature range: -40 ~ 50 ℃, accuracy +/-2 ℃
  • Dial diameter:About 11CM

Package content: 

  • 1 x Transparent Thermometer



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