Outdoor tools travel equipment, strapping strap

NZ$41.88 NZ$15.71


Outdoor tools travel equipment, strapping strap, binding rope, luggage strapping, stainless steel belt, hook and quick solution

Product Description

Size: Full length 250cm wide 10mm

Weight: 21g

Material: high strength polypropylene webbing, 3CR15 stainless steel buckle post coating ribbon end-to-end at the position of the reinforced bartack. The maximum tensile strength of the ribbon 125kg[is not more than the weight of the adult. At the critical time, it can be used as a flat or living rope, but remember that the ribbon is not easy to slip through the knob through the fastening. ]

Features: This is a lightweight, portable, practical, fast release, packing and binding tightened rope. The material is strong and wear-resistant, and the structure of quick hook is convenient and time saving. The binding rope of other styles and plastic buttons is different from other markets. The weight of the adult's weight can be weighed by the stainless steel buckle material and the thickened high-strength ribbon. The product structure and design are also novel and convenient, and the hook can be tightened up while the other side is tightened, and the ribbon can be tightened or relaxed. It is suitable for packing cars, bicycles, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and other large luggage items.


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