Outdoor tools Titanium alloy TC4 Carabiner

NZ$82.68 NZ$31.01


Outdoor tools Titanium alloy TC4 Carabiner Buckle Spring Snap Keychain Clip Hook Screw Gate Buckle -Pack of Carabiners

Product Description

Product name:Titanium alloy TC4 Carabiner

Material: 100% thick titanium alloy TC4 model

Size:About 55*30*4mm

Net weight: 7.5g

Characteristic: Lightweight and easy to carry, titanium alloy TC4 has the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance. All CNC wire cutting technology, integrated spring design. It can be mounted on both sides and can be used without a key ring Process: Holistic line cutting Maximum bearing: 25KG After opening, you can put any key ring within 4.5MM width, hang up button, or anything you want to hang.


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