New Disassemble Tool Set 10pcs/3pcs Screwdrivers

NZ$61.12 NZ$14.11


1. 1pcs/3pcs in 1 Repair opening tools kit. 

2. Light weight & convenient to carry.

3. Safe to open up the phone, without damaging the cover

4. Made of high quality material, durable and high precision.

5. Ideal for repairing watches, mobile phones, tablets PC,glasses,camera...etc.
6. Perfect tool for professional repair work, A variety of head design,can solver the corner problem all digital products.



1. Number: 10pcs/3pcs Disassemble Tool

2. Type:Repair opening tools

3. Material:Plastic + Stainless Steel
4. Compatible type:For iPhone/iPad/Tablet/Smartphone.

NOTE:The color of tools may change,please make sure you do not care.Thanks.

Package include( 10pcs ):

1 x Phillips screwdriver

1 x 2.0 Flat head screwdriver

1 x 0.8 Five Star Screwdriver

2 x Plastic Tri-agnle picks 

2 x Plastic Spudge

1 x 3.0 suction cup 

1 x Wooden cleaning brush

1 x SIM CARD Tray Ejector Pin

Package include( 3pcs ):

3pcs/set * Repair opening tools

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