New 9 Strands Cores Luminous Glow in the Dark & Reflective

NZ$1,668.00 NZ$17.55


New 9 Strands Cores Luminous Glow in the Dark & Reflective Paracord Parachute Cord 25 50 100 feet

Product Description


100ft Custom-made REFLECTIVE & GLOW Combination


9 Strand Parachute Cord (approximately 4-5mm diameter)


-Tactical 5 Colors with Glow material and Reflective tracers


Perfect for making bracelets for Fire/Rescue personnel 


This unique paracord is highly visible day and night. Glows in complete darkness and is reflective when light is shined on it

The high visibility of this paracord makes it an excellent choice for bracelets and attire for rescue, safety, law enforcement, and fire personnel. Also makes an excellent clothesline to prevent accidental injury when visibility is low.


This paracord is made of continuous filament nylon with an intricately woven outer sheath and 9 twisted strands of nylon inside. The paracord has a break strength of >=550lb


This cord is very useful in a survival situation because the many parts make it very versatile and its overall strength is unbeatable for its size. It is easy to cut and splice back together by melting to form different shapes and lengths. The outer sheath is very resistant to abrasion which makes the cord very reliable even under harsh conditions.

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