New 7pcs/set Paintless Dent Repair Tools

NZ$197.44 NZ$104.89

Item Describe:


1. 100% Brand New and High Quality


2. Type : Dent Repair Tools


3. Material: ABS+Matel


4. Color: Black


5. Type: Car dent repair/ paintless dent repair tools 


Steps for usage:


Step 1. Clean the depressed surface.


Step 2. Glue rods into the high-performance glue gun, and then plug the electric heating, a few minutes after the plastic

rods will drop the glue,glue gun working temperature of about 165 to 200 degrees, the use of high temperature glue gun,

pay special attention to safety and away from children.


Step 3. Depending on your body sheet metal recesses select the size of the applicable gasket, and apply the size of the gasket

at once to determine your size.


Step 4. Use a heated glue gun to squeeze the glue stick evenly onto the surface of the gasket and place it gently in the depression

and wait for 3 minutes. Note: slightly placed in the depression can not be pressure, after the use of gasket can reused after cleaning,


Step 5. Using a balanced bridge, the operation must be adjusted slowly according to the size of your depression adjustment operation

until the depression is completely flattened.


Step 6. Spray the gelling agent on the gasket with the super-cure adhesive and remove the residual super-cure glue slightly with the film.


Step 7. Wipe clean the surface, almost impossible to see after repair


Note: it is important to repeat the steps 3-4-5 by repeating the check of the depression. It is important to completely complete the depression.


Package include: 

7pcs/set * Car Dent Repair Tool


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