Nano-Silicon Rust Remover Sponge

NZ$50.00 NZ$24.90

Having a problem with the rust at the bottom of your pots? Do not have any idea on how to remove the burnt stain of your stainless steel pot?  Well, give your kitchen a deep clean and give another life to your pots and other cookware by restoring their beauty with this Nanosilicon Rust Remover Sponge.

It has a superior decontamination capability that would give your pots another glowing beauty. Rust Sponge is a powerful scrub that cleans up the tough messes of your pots, pans, and other cookware. The best thing is it won't scratch even a little. Having worries about the sanding surface that might hurt your hands? Don't worry, it won't hurt your hands, why? Because the material used in the sponge is really soft, it won't even damage your cookware due to its non-scratch feature.


  • Easy to clean the Kitchen utensils
  • Ideal for brushed bowl, Stainless etc
  • It is a good help for your life
  • Rub the Pot, Remove Rust, Great Kitchen Helper

  • Material: Carborundum and Sponge

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