Multi-function Bottle Clip

NZ$34.00 NZ$16.90

Do you have a drawer full of spices or a jumble of jars on a kitchen shelf? Spice Clip Strip holds each individual spice jar so even rarely used spices are easy to find. Your Spice Clip Strip stay out of your way while managing to always be right where you need them.

Secure adhesive lets you mount the strips to nearly anything.  If your space is extra narrow or extra wide, the clip strips can adapt. Easily trimmable to fit the space available. Cut them in half or line them up side-by-side.

You don't have to transfer your spices into special jars or only buy a single brand of spices. Clip strips can easily hold plastic jars of different widths. You'll feel like a genius when all your spices are lined up, labels out. You'll immediately notice when one is missing and its time to re-supply.

  • Makes it easy to save space and stay organised.
  • Clip strips bond securely to walls and cabinets.
  • Cut strips to custom fit space.
  • Adjustable clips fit jars of varying widths.
  • Jars don't knock 
  • Jars don't knock over, every label is visible. 
  • 5* 2.6* 3.6 cm
Package Included:
  • 2 x Clip Strip

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