Miracle Acne Serum

NZ$152.00 NZ$76.36

Miracle Acne Serum uses the perennial herb for its medicinal properties to effectively treat acne. Green tea extract has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties for treating acne. It helps relieve acne symptoms by clearing acne bacteria and decreasing acne-pain. Besides reducing infection, it also promotes in acne-spot healing and scar removal.

Vitamin plays an important role in improving skin texture and strengthening skin’s barrier naturally. Not only does it reduces the size, swelling, and redness of existing pimples acne, it tonifies the skin from acne-prone to healthy, balanced and clear skin.

✅Hormonal / Cystic Acne


  • Rapidly reduces the visible signs of acne & redness
  • Absorbs toxins causing acne
  • Anti-inflammatory and ceases infection
  • Aids wound healing
  • Prevents scar formation & future break-outs
  • Penetrates and purifies pores
  • Non-drying formula, no flare-ups


  • Ingredients:vitamin c, vitamin e, rose hips, green tea, hyaluronic acid
  • Weight: 30ml

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