Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 100V 10A Voltmeter

NZ$56.00 NZ$29.75

 Feature :

1. With built-in shunt, has Voltage and current calibration potentiometers

2. Ground wire of testing end and power supply terminal is the same wire

3. One digital meter can use as two, and save space and bring more economy for user


Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : Dual display digital meter

3. Material: Plastic

4. Size: 4.8x2.9x2.2cm

5. Color: Black 

8. Working voltage:4.5-30V DC

9. Working current: ≤20mA ,Refresh rate:   ≥100mS / times


Function :

1. Display: 0.56" Two color blue and red

2. Measuring range: DC 0-100V 0-10A , Minimum resolution (V):  0.1V ,Minimum resolution (A):  0.01A

3. Suitable for automotive/electric cars/motorcycles battery monitoring or other products voltage current measurement


Note:The maximum input voltage can not exceed 30V, otherwise there is the danger of burning


Q&A :

Are the ammeter and voltmeter independent of each other?

A: No,they are Designed integrated


Package include:

1pc * 1x DC 100V 10A Voltmeter & Ammeter


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