Milemei Jelly Lipstick Magic Color Temperature

NZ$82.42 NZ$41.21

Name :  True Flower Jelly Lipstick
Brand Name:  MILEMEI   
Benefits :  Waterproof / water-resistant, long-lasting, Hypoallergenic, Moisturizing, nutritious, ​​easy to wear.
Efficacy :  Nutritious and moisturizes you lips, keeping you lips incredibly beautiful luster.


Flower jelly lipstick, with mirror, there are four colors for choosing:

Rose Red# It's also very fragile with noble but it is very popular.

Big Red# It's warm and elegant feminine let people kneel.

Lovely Pink# It's pure and witty very good color like a child pink addictve.

Romantic purple# It's sexy, no matter what kind of situation can make you so outstanding.




For you Moisturizing, Nourishing , Long lasting

This lipstick nourishes and moisturizes your lips, keeping your lips incredibly beautiful luster, Lighten you skin


Variable flower jelly lipstick

According to the different body temperature changes to different colors





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