Meltable Bio-Plastic Card

NZ$40.00 NZ$19.94

A handy, pocket sized card of strong, Meltable Bio-Plastic that you can use to make, fix and modify the world around you. Just drop it in a cup of hot water and it's ready to use. Keep one in your wallet, toolbox or kitchen drawer so that it's always around when you need to use it. 

Great for making toys when your kids grow up! You can also warm them up with a hair dryer if you need to remove it from a project later on. It's made from a starch-based bio-plastic that is totally non-toxic. 


  • Instantly repair item on the go. Just drop in a cup of hot ware and it's ready.
    When it is ready, it is soft and malleable. Once you've worked your magic let it cool.
  • It is reusable over and over again. Just re-heat it to re-mould it.
    It's the size of a credit card so can be kept in your wallet, tool box, drawer or glove-box.
  • Made from a non-toxic, reusable, recyclable starch based bio-plastic.

 Package includes: 3 in a Pack

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