Meditation for Beginners DVD

NZ$25.00 NZ$20.00
Instructor's name: Rodney Yee & Maritza

Type of Workout: Meditation

Fitness Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 55 Minutes
Meditation Preparation: 10.5 minutes
Mindful Meditation: 16.5 minutes
Refresh the Mind: 27 minutes

Release Date: 2012

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

Meditation Preparation
Mindful Meditation
Refresh the Mind

Meditation is now a mainstream method for controlling stress. Rodney Yee and Maritza introduce the concept of meditation, and take viewers through 3 practices , designed for the beginner, to still the mind and clam the senses.

Meditation Preparation (10 minutes)
This practice helps prepare the body for sitting meditation. Using a chair, Rodney shows how to stretch the thighs, back and hips so beginners can become more comfortable and thus increase focus.
Mindful Meditation (18 minutes)
Renowned meditation instructor Maritza invites viewers to step back and take a quiet pause from their busy lives to refresh and rejuvenate.
Refresh the Mind (27 minutes)
Rodney Yee guides viewers in transitioning from sleep to seated meditation, awakening both body and mind.

Restful Relaxation (10 minutes) Allows viewers to release tension and relax deeply as they turn attention inward.

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