Meditation DVD

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This Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching consists of a few, very simple, fluid meditative practices for you to incorporate into your daily life.These gentle meditations and stretches are for the beginner and beyond! There is no right or wrong way to meditate. They are short enough to be practiced daily or for an extended period if you have more time!

By creating these sessions, Nadia is sharing her technique with you which enabled her to learn to meditate. These short but effective programs are designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. The more regularly you practice, the calmer you will feel, and the better equipped you will be when faced with challenging situations, enabling you to respond rather than react. A meditation practice will give you space and an inner harmony - a precious commodity in modern life!

Breathing (5 mins): This seated breathing meditation is about focusing your attention on the breath to feel grounded, centered and relaxed.

Stress Release (5 mins): This seated meditation is about calming the mind and body by releasing tension.

Energizing (10 mins): This seated moving meditation begins with a few very gentle stretches such as neck rolls, slow spinal flexes, and side stretches, to name a few that will gently wake the body up and energize you!

Stretching (22 mins): This slow moving meditation is about helping to unwind the mind and body. Through a series of select yoga postures held for a few minutes, Nadia will guide you into a state of pure calmness so you can move into a space of surrender and release.

Thankfulness (15 mins): This gratitude meditation begins standing with some slow moving postures and ends in a seated meditation where you focus on what you are thankful for in this life.

Savasana (8 mins) Lying in complete relaxation, Nadia will guide you through a savasana to lead you into a sweet serenity.


Instructor's name: Nadia Narain

Type of Workout: Meditation & Stretching

Fitness Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 71 Minutes

Release Date: 2016

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

Play All - 71 Minutes
Introduction - 1 Minute
Breathing - 5 Minutes
Stress Release - 5 Minutes
Energizing - 10 Minutes
Stretching - 23 Minutes
Thankfulness - 16 Minutes
Savasana - 8 Minutes
Audio Setup (Instruction with Music or Music Only Option)

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