Measuring Instruments 0.01mm Electronic Thickness Gauge

NZ$161.60 NZ$73.36

Features :

1. Large, easy-to-read LCD

2. Quick display of the measured value of big screen

3. High-strength alloy measuring tip,metal body and handle,durable and accurate thickness gauge

4. Measurement for thickness of jewelry, leather,rubber,fabric,wire,paper film, metal sheet etc. similar materials

Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : G ype Thickness Gauge

3. Material: Aluminum Alloy

4. Size: 6.7CM

5.Real Range :0-10mm/0-20mm ,Accuracy: 0.01mm 


6. Mainly used to measure the thickness of paper, leather, rubber, fabric and various metal plates, glass plates, etc.

Structure principle:
Thickness gauge is used to measure fixed on the table rack gauge measuring surface relative to the measuring surface of the anvil measuring surface of the linear displacement (thickness), and by the indicator reading meter measuring instruments.


Package include: 

1pc* G type Thickness Gauge

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