Magic Stainless Steel Cleaning Brushes

NZ$36.00 NZ$17.90

If you are exhausted to wipe the oil grunge in the kitchen, that is you haven't chosen the best tool. Our Stainless Steel Brush will rescue you from the difficult situationJust cut a circle of the outer membrane, then you could use it to cope the grunge easilyIf the rust was severe, it will be more effective to moisten with cleaner.

Usage: wet while wiping edge, the outer membrane in use before you cut a circle, exhausted. If the rust was severe, please moistened with cleaner better.

Note: Please don't completely stripped shell When using it just strip a little. more water more effective! wearing gloves when use it , as the material will hurt your fingers, use with caution! After use please rinse and place out of the reach of children!

Colors: Rose Red, Blue, Green, Light Green (the color will be sent randomly)

Size: Approx. 5 x 2cm

Package Included: 2 PCS cleaning brushes

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