Leslie Sansone: Walk Away The Pounds Fat Burning Miles DVD

NZ$32.00 NZ$27.00
Instructor's name: Leslie Sansone

Type of Workout: Aerobics

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 119 Minutes

Release Date: 2009

Region: 1 (USA & Canada)


Leslie Sansone : Walk Away the Pounds Fat Burning Miles gives you four complete, fat-burning, muscle-conditioning and stretching workouts - all on one powerful, energizing DVD!

ADDED BONUS* - Boost your strength training and toning results with the included Stretchie resistance band!

4 Full Length Workouts on one DVD

Power Mile - 20 minutes - Power mile is perfect if you don't have the time for a long workout. You'll begin with a short warm-up and then increase the pace to our "fastest mile". You'll end with a cool down and stretch.

Walk Strong - 33 minutes -Get fit fast with Walk away the pounds express. Leslie's complete total body walking program that gives you serious fat burning, muscle conditioning, and stretching - all in one powerful, energizing workout.You can get a powerful highly effective cardio and body sculpting workout with your stretchie (not included but optional) in less that 30 minutes.We start this one right out of the blocks at a good, brisk pace that varies the intensity and the levels so you're challenging those muscles in a variety of ways - from squats and kicks to curls, lifts and punches. In just 30 minutes a day you can banish stress, firm and tone, walk away the pounds and never leave your living room.This is the equivalent of a 2 mile walk.

Walk & Jog
- 33 minutes -If it's time to get your body to wake up and smell the calories burning, this is the workout for you. It's all about Interval Training. One of the fastest ways to turn your metabolism into a major fat-burner is to add short bursts of intensity, or intervals, to your workout.In this 30-minute power-walking workout, we'll add two-minute intervals of light jogging to our brisk walking pace to keep that metabolism revving in the red zone. The results? A slimmer, firmer, more energized you! You'll love what this high-powered, in-home walk/jog program does for every part of you.

Walk & Kick
- 33 minutes - Kick our workout into high gear with interval exercise. This 30 minute, high-energy walking workout adds short bursts of fun and easy kickboxing moves that make exercising anything but a little walk in the park. After a quick warm up we'll alternate a brisk walking workout with two minute sessions of kicking, stretching and boxing that'll make your body say "Whoa, the couch potato days are officially over."

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